About *the project*

LGNZ, working with The New Zealand Initiative, launched its localism initiative, “Revitalising democracy – going local” at its July 2018 conference in Christchurch.  Following the launch an inter-sectoral reference group was formed to guide the drafting of a discussion paper and a range of activities held to frame a consultation strategy.  These included:

  • A localism roundtable, organised with the assistance of the Institute of Governance and Policy Studies;
  • Reference group workshops to identify the issues for more detailed consideration;
  • Publication of a thinkpiece #localismNZ: Bringing power to the people, by the New Zealand Initiative (read more)
  • The Localism Symposium, held in February 2019, attended by almost 150 representatives, which provided feedback on the first draft of the discussion paper;
  • Presentations on localism have been given to a variety of organisations including Te Maruata, Transparency International and the NZ Political Science Association.
  • Research to assess community views of localism had been commissioned; involving both survey and focus groups
  • A localism edition of Victoria University’s Institute for Policy and Governance journal, Policy Quarterly, (read more), was published May 2019. This edition featured 10 papers that addressed localism from different perspectives;
  • Launch of the Localism Discussion paper (link) at the 2019 LGNZ conference.

Feedback and comments received on the Localism Discussion paper will contribute to the development of LGNZ’s Localism Manifesto to be published early in 2020.