*Reinvigorating* local democracy

The case for localising power and decision-making to councils and communities

Localism *discussion paper*

If adopted LGNZ’s programme will involve significant system change in different areas and over time, however change will be incremental. On day one councils will continue to interact with communities as they always have, just as central government will continue to play its system stewardship role. Our framework, however, is purposely designed to be flexible, so that central and local government can evolve beyond the strictures of the current roles both play.

In this paper we outline the beginning of a process for gradually moving New Zealand from being one of the most centralised countries in the developed world to one that is prepared to trust its communities to play a meaningful role in our social, economic, and cultural development.

We look forward to your feedback.

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localism discussion paper

Public *feedback*

Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) has released public feedback on its localism discussion paper, Reinvigorating Local Democracy, showing New Zealanders are frustrated with our country’s highly centralised model of government, and want a greater say in the policies that affect their lives.

LGNZ received 40 detailed submissions on the Reinvigorating Local Democracy report, including from individuals, community groups and councils.  To read the public feedback click here.

Talking the talk, but *walking the walk?*

LGNZ is committed to localism, that is, giving citizens a greater say in the decisions that affect their communities, and we want your views about what localism should look like in Aotearoa New Zealand.  To help you take part in the localism conversation we have prepared this website which brings together range of relevant resources.

By localism we mean giving citizens the opportunity to have more influence in the decisions that affect their day to day lives and the way in which their community develops. Deciding how this should occur, whether responsibilities should be transferred from central to local government or mechanisms put in place to give communities a greater say about the services central government provides, is the reason we are undertaking this consultation. 

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About *the project*

LGNZ, with the support of the New Zealand Initiative, is calling for a shift in the way public decisions are made in New Zealand by seeking a commitment to localism. Instead of relying on central government to decide what is good for our communities it is time to empower councils and communities themselves to make such decisions. 

This means strengthening local self-government, putting people back in charge of politics and reinvigorating our democracy. We are seeking an active programme of devolution and decentralisation.

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